Bayit Cham wishes you
A healthy and happy winter
Opening doors
to a new future
A Nationwide Network of Mental Health Clinics
Offering hope
for a functional future
Treatment Centers for Survivors of Sexual Trauma
Listening with compassion
answering with expertise
Helpline Counseling and Emotional Support
Empowering people with tools
for independence and recovery
Vocational Rehabilitation throughout Israel
אני רוצה לתרום
I want to donate
Helpline calls annually
Therapeutic and Medical treatment sessions annually
throughout Israel
Clients at jobs in the mainstream workplace supported by Bayit Cham coaches
Sexual trauma survivors treated at our specialized centers

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Bayit Cham believes in human potential and opens doors to a promising future.
Believing in a person’s capabilities instills in him hope for change; it challenges him to integrate into family life, society and employment on equal terms despite mental health disabilities.

Bayit Cham was established in 1997 in order to promote mental health by providing a variety of treatment and rehabilitation solutions. Throughout the years since its inception, Bayit Cham has redefined mental health care and reduced the confining stigma associated with mental illness.

Every time I look back, I am so moved to see how each of the tens of thousands of people we believed in flourished and re-integrated into the fabric of family life, society and the workplace.

We will continue to provide services faithful to our beliefs: love of humanity, taking social responsibility, affecting societal change and giving equal opportunity to all people.

Best regards,

Arie Munk

Yedid Nefesh
A radio program (Hebrew)
offering counseling and guidance
on mental health issues
Hosted by Arie Munk - Bayit Cham's director

Stories of heroes

About people who had the courage to grow – despite challenges.

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