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When a person experiences a mental health crisis, a supportive environment is an essential factor in his recovery process. As in any medical condition and often even more so, when dealing with a mental health disorder, the person cannot move forward without assistance from family members. However, it is important to remember that especially in such circumstances, family members themselves are coping with difficulty: feelings such as shame and guilt arise due to the situation and often, lack of knowledge leads to feelings of confusion and helplessness and an overall sense of being unequipped to handle the challenge.

This understanding, along with Bayit Cham's extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of mental health treatment, led us to establish a special center to guide and support family members. At the T'chelet (Azure) Family Center we provide families with group and individual support and hold workshops and lectures on a variety of topics dealing with their loved one's illness.

The center's staff includes experienced therapists with expertise in family therapy and a lawyer who specializes in establishing rights to disability benefits. An integral staff member includes someone who himself has been coping for years with a family member who struggles with mental illness, knows the families' and patients' needs from personal experience and profoundly understands the various sensitivities. All treatment at T'chelet is given with the greatest sensitivity, with an understanding of the cultural environment and with optimal adaptation to the needs of the family.

Our Services

Personal meetings

for support and assistance to family members during crisis

Support by an experienced family member

who shares and helps from his personal experience

Support groups

providing tools to deal with the challenge facilitated by professionals

Knowledge is power!

workshops, lectures, conferences and seminars

Legal advice

on a variety of topics including: guardianships, inheritances, wills, debts and more

Self-help groups

continuation of support groups without a professional facilitator

Assistance in the exercise of rights

mediation with community resources

Professional guidance

workshops and lectures in the broader community

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