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Until not very long ago, issues related to mental health were swept under the rug, repressed and hidden among the religious public eye. No one felt free to deal with it whether in professional, private or public forums and within the community in general. Lack of public awareness only served to increase the anguish of people and families who were struggling with mental health challenges.

This lack of knowledge not only caused damage to the treatment and rehabilitation process of those who needed it most, it also created distance and social isolation as well as feelings of hopelessness that change is possible.

As part of our mission at Bayit Cham, alongside treatment and rehabilitation for the benefit of people facing various difficulties, we established a series of seminars, workshops and lectures to raise public awareness. Rabbis and dayanim, educators, public opinion leaders and of course the general public participate in the workshops we offer in various communities and institutions.

The accessibility to knowledge on these various topics and familiarity with treatment options frees people to seek appropriate guidance and help, thus providing them tools and hope!

Among the topics covered in the workshops

Identifying emotional disturbance in children and teenagers

Familiarity with common disorders and treatment methods

Where and how to seek help and guidance in real time in cases of difficulty

Additional topics in response to issues raised by the audience

Expanding public knowledge about relevant issues in the field

Expanding public knowledge about available options.

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