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IDF retirees and discharged soldiers have contributed many years of service and are faced with significant change when they return to civilian life. Sometimes there are those who need a bit more time to digest the dramatic changes and reorganize their lives. The change affects various aspects of life such as professional/career change, various family dynamics, free time, and more. All of these affect the retirees' personal, parental, marital, and occupational identity and are accompanied by various emotions that can range from joy and excitement to confusion, uncertainty, lack of knowledge about the various options, difficulty in making decisions, stress, fears, and more. At a time like this, professional support can help.

To this end, Nekudat Mifneh services were established for IDF retirees and discharged soldiers to provide them with a variety of treatment, training, and career support services that help them process the experience of retirement and optimize their adaptation to civilian life. Psychotherapeutic treatment promotes emotional processing relating to personal, marital and family functions and provides them with tools and support as they navigate the process of change and a new start. Career counseling can help them choose a new direction by pinpointing talents, tendencies, and abilities. In addition to assessment, they receive help writing resumes, preparing for job interviews, job hunting, and integrating into the job market. Personal coaching can help them set personal goals in all areas of their lives and achieve them step by step with empowerment and self-fulfillment.

All services are provided under one roof at several centers throughout Israel.

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