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The road to optimal rehabilitation begins with a person's belief in himself and his skills, and continues with actual experience that gives him confidence in his ability to succeed. When a vocational training course takes a participant through these stations, the person creates for himself the emotional resilience that is essential for integration into the world of work.

At Bayit Cham, we created Ofek (Hebrew for Horizons), a program that gives people with emotional and practical barriers to employment the opportunity to learn and gain experience in a safe environment, in a gradual manner, with close professional guidance in the world of work as a base towards their eventual full integration at work.

Program structure

The program combines theoretical learning as well as practical experience and operates in 3 main areas:

Strengthening learning skills in a variety of subjects

Strengthening personal skills and work habits

Developing and improving digital ICT skills

The learning process

is carried out individually and in groups and includes learning in the traditional format alongside a host of experiential aids: workshops, site visits and more

Hands-on experience

includes integrating into workplaces and performing diverse tasks under the close guidance of an expert vocational coach

Program participants are closely guided and supervised by a social worker with expertise and extensive experience in vocational training, career assessment and job placement

Upon completing the program, some graduates integrate at jobs and others move on to further professional training.

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