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Dealing with complex medical situations in general and with mental health challenges in particular is very difficult in and of itself and creates a huge burden on the person coping with illness and his entire family.

In the midst of all this, the issue of establishing eligibility for government benefits is sometimes forgotten and in many cases, they do not demand (and therefore do not receive) what is their due according to law. In some cases, they are completely unaware of their rights, and in others, they don't feel up to dealing with the oppressive bureaucracy and the arduous process of submitting claims. It may also be too difficult for them to clearly explain to members of medical committees the totality of their situation and its detrimental effects on functioning.

To this end, we created the "Z'chutcha" service. We help people apply for and receive disability benefits including what is known as a rehabilitation basket and other rights that they are entitled to by law.

If necessary, we will assist applicants in dealing with Israel's Ministry of Health, walking them through the entire complex process until they establish eligibility for the various rehabilitation services.

Personal support

We provide access to all the required professional information and encourage those dealing with mental health issues to know and demand what they deserve and to insist upon it until they succeed. Our staff provides them with information in complete discretion.

Knowledge is power

What is a rehabilitation basket?

A "rehabilitation basket" is the government package of disability benefits that includes a variety of rehabilitation services provided to those who are eligible within the framework of the "Community Rehabilitation of Persons with Mental Health Disability Law". Among the services in the benefits package are housing frameworks at various levels, employment, social and leisure activities, education, mentoring, counseling and guidance for families and assistance with dental treatment. The program is operated by Israel's Ministry of Health.

Who is eligible:

A person with a mental health disorder whose disability is determined to be at least 40%.

A person dealing with a mental health disability who is 18 years old and above.

The entire process is detailed below, from submitting the application to actualizing the services included in the package.

Please note: Bayit Cham's professional staff accompanies clients throughout the process of establishing disability benefits and prepares them to face the rehabilitation basket committees. The service is provided free of charge. For guidance and support in this process, contact the Bayit Cham branch closest to home.

The rehabilitation basket process

The process for obtaining eligibility for rehabilitation basket services is done in several stages:


Applying for recognition of mental health disability


Applying for recognition of mental health disability at a minimum rate of 40% is done in one of two ways:
• Applying via the National Insurance Institute (Bituach Leumi) to determine disability percentages (details of the process can be found on the National Insurance Institute website).
• Applying via a qualified psychiatrist to determine disability percentages. Applicants who cannot or do not wish to contact the National Insurance Institute in order to determine the percentage of mental health disability may request permission from the Ministry of Health to be examined by and obtain confirmation of mental health disability from a qualified psychiatrist.


Application to the Regional Rehabilitation Committee


A person who has been determined to have a mental health disability of 40% or more by the National Insurance Institute or a qualified psychiatrist is entitled to apply for a rehabilitation basket (disability benefits) by contacting the regional rehabilitation committee. The regional rehabilitation committee is the party that confirms the eligibility and suitability of the applicant for the rehabilitation basket. Once they authorize the approval, the applicant will have access to the services included in the basket. How does one apply? A referral to the rehabilitation committee is made through the referring agency* (recommended), or independently by the person himself. The required forms must be filled out and mailed to the district department of health office in the applicant's residential area. * a professional: social worker, psychologist, occupational therapist


Summons to the Regional rehabilitation committee


After receiving the materials and reviewing them, a committee consisting of three professionals from among the following – psychiatrist, social worker, occupational therapist, psychologist, qualified nurse – will convene. The committee will schedule an appointment for the applicant [usually up to about a month after receiving all the required documents] in order to meet and get an overall impression of the person. The applicant can bring along family members as well as any other person who can help him.


Regional rehabilitation committee decision


. The committee's decision to approve or reject the application, including the reasoning behind the decision, will be sent by mail to the referring party, or, in cases of independent application, to the applicant himself.


Receiving a
rehabilitation basket


When the applicant has been approved for a rehabilitation basket, he and his referring party will jointly conduct a "market survey" and select the appropriate framework(s) and/or services that answer his rehabilitative needs.


Acceptance of the applicant to a rehabilitative framework


After choosing the appropriate framework and contacting them, the approved applicant will begin receiving the service/s in accordance with the established rehabilitation plan. The regional rehabilitation coordinator will give an approved budget to the rehabilitation service. With this budget approval, the Israeli government will finance the person's presence and participation in the activities of the rehabilitation services.

Support the Entire Way

After you have read the information about the rehabilitation basket, you may have questions such as: Once again endless forms and waiting periods? How can we make time for this when we are so busy coping with illness daily struggles? Who says it really helps? Is there really hope? How do we do it alone? It's too much for us to go through, isn't it? Well, we care about your concerns… While you are busy reading the information on this website, we are also very busy – busy providing professional help.

When we go through the process with many people like you, those who turn to us are surprised to discover that when coping with it along with our continuous support, the procedure is not so intimidating and tedious. Bayit Cham holds your hand with our heart.. we feel the pulse together with you... we help you make decisions, share hope and patiently provide answers to all of your questions.

And above all, we are a "Bayit Cham" – a warm home – on the road towards health.

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