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During any person's professional development, the most important junctures, as in any journey, are the outset and the final stretch. These are when the main difficulties arise and when the risk of failure is greatest. (Did you know that most aviation accidents occur mainly around takeoff and landing?) And yet, sometimes support on a specific issue and a light push are all that's needed to get through them safely.

Many people who cope with disability and have undergone a rehabilitation process encounter difficulty in completing the job placement process. For some, integration is the challenge and for others, it is actually the stage right after. It is especially for them that we at Bayit Cham have created the Hesegim (Achievements) Center.

The center's staff provides each participant with personalized individual support while undergoing the process of searching for employment and during the initial adjustment phase on the job.

As part of the service, we assist them in choosing their preferred occupational direction and provide them with a variety of tools in their chosen profession. When necessary, we help them problem-solve and, of course, access the full benefits that they are legally entitled to.

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