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A person with a disability who enters the world of work undergoes a process. The path from a mental health crisis to employment at a mainstream job (and integration in the community) is long and not always easy. Carefully measured, high-quality progress, supported by a professional team, is the key to the success of the process.

To enable women with mental health disabilities to move ahead in the vocational rehabilitation process, we established the "Shiluvim" (Integration) Center – a supportive and sheltered employment framework. At Shiluvim, we provide the women with a wide range of tools that includes professional skills, personal strengths, interpersonal communication skills, empowerment workshops, illness and recovery management workshops and more.

Fields of employment at Shiluvim

Artistic field

preparing creative craft kits for schools

Social field

packaging and sending gift kits to mothers after birth

Professional field

office and administrative work

Additional fields best suited to the client

Program participants take an active part in the management of the center, including office maintenance and decision-making in collaboration with the center's staff. We believe in each woman and give her the ability to believe in herself!

Some Shiluvim members work at the same time in the community (nursing homes, day care centers, etc.) and thus strengthen the skills that they have achieved at the center.

The center has a multidisciplinary team that includes a professional director, a social worker, an occupational therapist, a vocational coach and rehabilitation counselors.

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