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Adolescence brings with it many challenges for teenagers. Personal identity is formed in preparation for adulthood, and the young boy or girl is sometimes required to perform "grown-up" tasks, such as long hours of study and meeting the expectations of educational frameworks, the family, and the community. Sometimes high standards for success may cause emotional distress which rouses the teen's desire to let go and give up. The dropout rate among youth from the ultra-orthodox sector is twice as high as the general sector, due to these circumstances and complex life situations.

At this crucial moment, just before they drop out, the 'Yad b'Yad' center was established to provide an array of therapeutic treatment for youth and adolescents from the ultra-orthodox sector, aged 12-18, who are at a critical point in their lives. These youths face a challenging period and find themselves lacking the skills and tools required for optimal functioning and normative integration into society and the community.

The purpose of the program is to produce culturally adapted treatment that relates to the various aspects of the adolescent's life, at a critical stage in his life, thus helping to prevent his dropping out or being expelled from the system and from the community.

The center works holistically to prevent dropping out, including the educational institution to identify and locate teenagers in need, as well as the teenagers themselves and their families in order to provide emotional support and coping skills to deal with the crisis.

Our treatment and services

Short-term individual treatment

Family therapy

Support in community and educational settings

Parental guidance

Group therapy

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