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Trauma caused by sexual abuse affects victims in all areas of life, both on a functional level and on perceptual, cognitive, and emotional levels. The difficulties may be manifested in ongoing emotional distress with various symptoms, difficulties in interpersonal interactions, poor motivation, and feelings of inability to work, study, and lead a normal life.

In response, and in tune with current treatment and rehabilitation trends, the 'Hop(e) Styling' program was developed and established, as a dedicated, unique program for women survivors of sexual trauma. Its purpose is to prepare and assist program participants to integrate into the world of work with professional certification in a sought-after field. During the course, the women strengthen their personal abilities and acquire tools required in the world of work. The professional staff envelopes them in a cushion of maximum support with great sensitivity.

The program is the product of a fruitful collaboration between Bayit Cham and the Israeli Building Center, which combines a home styling and home design course with the best lecturers, accessible and adapted to the participants' needs, alongside individual and group support that provides knowledge and tools, emotional and practical support for perseverance and success. In addition, the staff helps connect them with potential employers and places them at jobs. The program's emphasis is on digital literacy, learning strategies, strengthening personal and interpersonal skills (persistence, self-management, dealing with difficulty, effective communication, independence, etc.), enrichment content for developing resilience and empowerment, hands-on practice, and experience in the field.

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Home styling course

Graduates receive professional certification from the Ultima College of Design

Individual guidance

Provided by the program's social worker and career coach

Group guidance and study

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