Nof Harim

Nature Therapy Trips

About the service

It has always been well-known that nature is the best healer. When a person brings nature into his body, he strengthens it and allows it to self-heal. This is exactly what happens when someone enjoys the great outdoors, surrounded by nature.

At Bayit Cham we offer diverse programs for outdoor physical activity, among the latest of which is "Nof Harim" (Mountain View) – outdoor trips as part of the therapeutic process. Stepping out of one's everyday environment into the open fresh air, physically and emotionally moving away from the "illness zone" and any talk about it, is an important step towards improving therapeutic results.

The trips take place in small groups during which participants can connect to the earth and breathe in wonderful, positive energy. Activities such as these contribute to both physical and emotional health: it helps strengthen the immune system thanks to the clean, fresh air while it reduces stress hormones as well as levels of anxiety, confusion and depression.

"Nof Harim" is the perfect combination of pleasure and healing. The demand for participation in our tours is consistently increasing.

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