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Adoption is a powerful experience that accompanies the adoptee and his adoptive and biological families throughout the years. The life circumstances that led to adoption affect a person's ability to connect and the quality of attachment from a young age. Also, the complex feelings, the question of identity, the opening of the adoption file and all the dilemmas surrounding the issue, may cause various difficulties during life, in interactions within and outside the family, and in diverse life skills.

From our extensive experience in the field of treatment and meeting people in various life crises, we established the 'Lev LaMishpacha' center to provide specialized professional treatment for adoptees and families involved in adoption. The center has top-rate therapists who provide treatment throughout Israel. The staff provides tools, knowledge and support with utmost sensitivity, in accordance with the needs of adoptees and their family members – both adoptive and biological, with various relevant treatment modalities.

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Individual therapy (youth and adults)

Family therapy

Dyadic therapy

Guidance for parents

Group therapy

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