During the massacre in Israel’s South, children saw their parents, siblings – even babies, friends, and neighbors, snatched away before their very eyes. Murdered. Maimed. Abducted. They saw the most brutal sights possible. They were confined in bomb shelters for hours on end, and evacuated to strange homes – all these and more combined to create severe trauma that, if left untreated, will develop into a dangerous post-trauma that can accompany the child for many years.

Bayit Cham, a 25-year veteran in the field of mental health, has pioneered an array of treatment and rehabilitation programs for people with mental health issues and various disabilities. In response to the current national crisis, it has established a fund to provide free treatment for 1,000 children and teens from the Gaza Belt and battle zones regions.

Each child will receive at least 12 therapy sessions for a total cost of $1,500 per child, provided by a team of trauma specialists including psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatric treatment when necessary.

Please join the national effort to treat our children from Israel’s South.

Together, we can win this war, because we must save our children now!!!

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