The Inbar Center

About the initiative:

There are currently thousands of young men and women living in Israel at risk between the ages of 18-25 who also struggle with mental health challenges. The at-risk factors include complex family backgrounds, past and present trauma, poverty, medical conditions, and the like. These affect the emotional-mental state of these youth on the cusp of adulthood and their ability to become independent adults capable of coping with various life tasks. In these situations, mental health treatment and support will help the young person develop the abilities, skills, and emotional resilience needed to set out on a secure path in their lives as adults.

It is for this purpose that Inbar centers were established – innovative treatment centers for young men and women in at-risk situations that provide them with a broad array of professional, adapted, and comprehensive therapy. The project is the result of an inter-ministerial partnership (Welfare and Health) as a precise response to the needs of this population. As part of the project, Bayit Cham mental health clinics work in partnership with the social services departments and provide youth with an all-inclusive package of mental health care, accessing government benefits and connecting them with appropriate community services.

Our treatment and services

Pre-treatment processes adapted to youth – intake, diagnosis, and preparation for the therapeutic process

Individual therapy

Group therapy

Guidance and help in establishing rights to government benefits for mental health disabilities

Referrals to in-house psychiatric services and follow-up

Guidance for relevant staff

Referrals to in-house vocational rehabilitation services

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Contact information

The Inbar Center in Ashdod

The Inbar Center in Modiin Illit

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