About Bayit Cham

Many of us experience difficult times in our lives and face challenges in the area of emotional balance. These difficulties create a double challenge for every person dealing with them because he must also cope with the shame and misperceptions that exist in society. This is exactly where our mission begins.

Welcome to Bayit Cham

In 1997, we founded Bayit Cham in order to provide extensive, high-quality care for people who face mental health challenges. Faith, hope and meaning give every person the strength to cope, but alongside that, one needs a support system and most importantly - an understanding that it's a long journey in which therapeutic treatment is only one factor in the recovery process.

Our belief in man and his ability to overcome and grow from challenge motivates us to continue to develop our innovative array of services. Bayit Cham is Israel's pioneer in the field of mental health rehabilitation and continues to lead at the forefront in treatment, rehabilitation and integration in society.

We enable each person to divert attention from the major crises and focus on the small steps that will lead him forward.

Our Services

In order to provide each person with the best support
and the greatest variety of rehabilitation tools
in accordance with our holistic worldview,
we at Bayit Cham have created an extensive range of services.

Overall support

various help for family members of Bayit Cham service recipients and assistance in establishing rights to disability benefits

Employment and society

an array of training and guidance programs in the area of employment and careers, for men and women

all ages

clinics, treatment centers and therapy programs for children and adults

Therapeutic recreation

innovative programs in various fields: sports, nature and more

Guidance and support

hotlines, life coaching, integrative activities with community volunteers and more

Our Vision

To enable

To enable as many people as possible to discover within themselves the power to promote change and the hope to succeed in the process

To change

To change the perception towards people with mental health challenges in society as a whole, thus harnessing support for action on their behalf

To provide

To provide those who turn to us and their families with the broadest, most professional array of options for rehabilitation and growth

Each and every Bayit Cham staff member serves with faith in each person, a deep sense of mission, genuine love and infinite devotion. This is the engine that drives us, our source of power every single day.

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