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Many tend to look at disabilities as an obstacle that prevents a person from moving forward and achieving his/her goals in life. But truthfully, when you view a limitation not as an obstacle but rather as a challenge, not only can you beat it – you can even turn it into a springboard! It is with this worldview of ours at Bayit Cham that "Keshet" (Rainbow) services were born.

At Keshet, we provide individual vocational coaching to people with a variety of disabilities: physical, sensory, cognitive, communication, developmental and ASD. Keshet's professional team includes social workers and vocational coaches. Together we provide each client with individualized support throughout the process:

The Center's Vocational Programs

Developing a variety of employment skills and familiarization with various career options in accordance with the client's abilities, interests and market trends

Support in professional training

Enabling clients to succeed even in their more difficult moments, to believe in themselves and achieve great accomplishments

Emotional and cognitive support

Writing resumes, preparing for job interviews, acquiring and strengthening work habits necessary for integration, perseverance as well as development and growth in the workplace

Help in finding a job and individualized professional development

Assisting clients in demanding and receiving what they deserve: an accessible work environment, social conditions and various benefits, and problem solving when necessary

Information and support in exercising rights

Looking forward, we encourage clients to acquire diverse digital skills that are necessary today,
and encourage them to move on to professional training and education
with the aim of creating a long-term career path.

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Nationwide contacts

TelMailJob TitleRegionName IsraelDirector of supported employment, general disabilitiesKeren Amichai coach, general disabilitiesIna Tal regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesBilha Levy coach, general disabilitiesHodaya Ben Nun coach, general disabilitiesNurit Konio Weinshtein regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesSapir Meshulam regionSocial worker of supported employment, general disabilitiesRachel Elgabsi Tan, Kiryat Ono, Tel Aviv regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesAdar Greenfeld Tikva, Netanya and the Sharon regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesDikla Lipinsky’in, Ramle regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesRuth Modai, Bnei Brak regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesDavid Wengrover, Bnei Brak regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesDina Alal, Bat Yam, Rishon leTzion regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesVered Yisraeli Brak regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesYaakov Cohen regionDirector of supported employment, general disabilities ,Jerusalem regionHagit Zion, Maale Adumin regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesMichal Hirshler regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesDvora Dadash coach, supported employment, Jerusalem regionShaya Freudenberger Shemesh regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesSarah Druck, Beitar Illit regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesChaim Shitrit regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesYehonetan fridman regionSocial worker of supported employment, general disabilitiesYoel Helfgott, Kiryat Malachi regionsVocational coach, general disabilitiesIrit Lapidot regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesChedva Daskal regionYeuda Glikson regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesShira Diamant worker, Director of Ashdod regionAgam Laliv of supported employment, general disabilities ,north regionMoran Chalfon of supported employment, general disabilities ,Jerusalem regionHadas Galili regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesTamar Rosenberg regionVocational coach, general disabilitiesTali Ifrach

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