Tzo'adim l'Briut

Healthy Connections

About the service

The most common and readily available physical activity is also one of the most beneficial for health. This, of course, is power walking. Walking helps maintain normal body weight (and contributes to weight loss in cases of overweight), strengthens posture and muscles, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, reduces the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease and even improves brain activity.

Bayit Cham's "Tzo'adim l'Briut" program (Walking towards Health) offers a combination of healthy walking and integrating in the community. As part of this service, we connect a patient with a healthy person who go walking together several times a week.

This leisure activity, which for many may seem totally trivial, assumes a significant role in the patient's life: he leaves behind all of the everyday stresses of home and work as he enjoys pleasant, casual conversation with his walking partner. He comes home calmer, filled with positive energy and motivated to move forward.

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