Warm at Home

!The north is blooming and not just in greenery

Golan Heights resident Matan Gutman is employed through Bayit Cham’s supported employment program. Together with his vocational coach, our very own Billie Levy, he is undergoing an amazing career development process!
Last week was one of the highlights of his blossoming, promising future when he told his life story to community members at a gathering called “Extraordinary February.”
Matan currently manages the laundromat at the Ramot Hotel located on the north side of the Sea of Galilee?. In recent months, he has expressed a need to tell the world his story, his challenges and successes. His dream was to show parents of children with special needs that it’s not terrible, that it’s possible to succeed, that we are all different from each other in one way or another and that is the beauty.
So after writing and preparing his speech with Billie, and again rewriting and being even more precise, he bravely stood in front of a large audience in the Bnei Yehuda library auditorium and shared his moving, empowering story.
Good job, Matan!! You are exceptionally talented and we’re so proud of you? ! With such determination how can you not succeed?! ♥ ️
Congratulations as well to our wonderful Billie who accompanied him every step of the way??
And what about you? Embrace the message? We could not have expressed it better than this…

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