Heroes tell

The Sky’s the Limit

“My name is Niv, I’m 23 years old and I live with my parents. I was born with PDD-NOS – a light case of autism, and without an outer left ear, so I can only hear with my right ear.
I have completed three and a half years of full voluntary military service. I served in the elite Duvdevan unit as a cook. I enjoyed every minute of it and the soldiers enjoyed me… I like to cook – it’s therapeutic for me?
Today, with the support and guidance of Bayit Cham, I have been working for half a year at “Eretz Bereshit” as a sous chef – the chef’s right-hand man ? I also feed the goats every morning before I start working in the kitchen ?
The bosses, the chef and the entire staff are wonderful people.
Once a week or two, Yehuda (a top-notch vocational coach at Bayit Cham) comes to see me. We sit and talk. I tell him about what I’m going through and we talk and see how we can solve the problem. Sometimes it’s hard for me to understand situations, such as pressure that at times I don’t feel understood.
But without a doubt, from a young age I showed my parents that I know how to be independent. It’s really not self-understood.
Besides, from a young age I have always loved music. I began playing guitar when I was 16, writing and composing.
My dream is to learn more cooking and music.
It is important to me, as a person with disabilities, to show everyone that the sky’s the limit and that everyone should see that we, the “different” population, can also find a job and make a respectable living.”

Is there anything more exciting than that?! We’ve been in love with Niv for a long time…
Niv, you are a role model‼️ – in motivation, drive, active doing and smiling, inside and out! We have no doubt that you will go far and we wish you much success.

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