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!Presenting Itai and His Incredible Success

After Itai graduated from high school, he tried to volunteer for national service but was not accepted in several places. He almost gave up. After sitting idly at home for a long time, he was referred to Bayit Cham.
The wonderful, expert Irit, our vocational coach in the southern region, has gone through an amazing process with him… Itai started working at the Rami Levy supermarket. Despite the physical challenges, he learned how to conduct himself in the work world. He acquired tools and skills with lots of appreciation and camaraderie from his co-workers.
Recently, after a year at the job, Itai felt ripe to move forward and actualize his high abilities. So Irit turned to Fattal Hotels who hired Itai with open arms to work in their customer service department ♥ ️ Itai is very excited and is already waiting to find you the best rooms and arrange a perfect vacation for you… ?
Itai, we are so proud of you and excited about your determination and the hard work that brings you to such amazing achievements! ?
Thanks to Irit for the wonderful work as always, and to our dear corporate partners, Rami Levy and Fattal Hotels, who always provide equal opportunity.

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