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Did you ever get to know Noam?

Noam appeared in the news, not in the most pleasant piece… (but there is a happy ending!)
Noam is a charming young man with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), served in the IDF, studied computer technology and currently receives vocational rehabilitation services at Bayit Cham. Before that, he had worked at a diamond factory and at Geokom Ltd.
In January, early one morning, Noam was on his way to shop at a local grocery when he was brutally beaten, stabbed and robbed… He had been wearing headphones so he didn’t hear the assailant creeping up behind him. A neighbor heard Noam’s screams and quickly ran over to provide first aid and call the police. After being treated at the hospital and discharged, Noam was interviewed by several TV networks, among them, Reshet 13 with Matan Hodorov. After sharing his harrowing experience, he mentioned that he was looking for a job in the field of computers, and it worked! The whole incident turned out to be a blessing in disguise… Tamir Sasi, CEO at Exsitu Cloud IT Services, heard the story and invited him for a job interview 🤩 Noam landed the job and since February, he has been working at the high-tech company full-time, with all the accompanying benefits and, best of all, with lots of personal satisfaction! This type of work is definitely a move towards complete freedom!
Noam displayed extraordinary coping skills, courage and openness deserving of praise, both in how he dealt with the attack and in his day-to-day dealings. We are proud of you Noam‼️🏆 Keep climbing up the ladder of success❤️

Hadar’s Baked Goods – They Taste the Best😊

Hadar, a 36-year-old devoted wife, and the mother of two adorable children, receives vocational coaching from Billi Levy, our expert staff member in Israel’s Far North.
Hadar, too, has achieved freedom this year!
Until last January, Hadar worked as a cleaning lady – a job she did not enjoy, with very few work hours each week, low wages and no satisfaction. So together with Billi, they began job hunting and then hunting some more until they found… Alice’s Bakery❤️
Her co-workers warmly welcomed Hadar and for 3 months now, Hadar has been working every day at a fun job that she loves, with regular work hours and a rewarding salary. Hadar enjoys placing every olive on the pizza pies and shaking delicious spices on top.
If you get to taste it, then you will know that Hadar baked it with great love!
Try some!
Kudos to Hadar for her diligence, persistence and industriousness at work‼️ Keep succeeding and having fun🏆
And a great big thank you to Billi for guiding yet another person through the amazing process of achieving freedom…❤️

Do you remember Tzvika?

Tzvika, 50 years old, is married and the father of two. He lives in Israel’s north and has been receiving vocational rehab services in Bayit Cham’s Shacharit program for three years.
When he first came to Galit, his expert vocational coach at Bayit Cham, he was troubled and frustrated after he’d been discharged from the hospital for a medical condition, and in the midst of a personal crisis. Beyond that, he was unemployed and his home situation was complex and tense. He really wanted to help himself but didn’t know how or where to start.
At soon as Galit start working with him, together they built a personal development plan in which they set big goals and small objections towards achieving success. The first step for Tzvika was to get a job that matched his capabilities at that time. He started out as a newspaper distributor for “Yisrael Hayom”. Galit worked with Tzvika on important employment and life skills such as motivation, perseverance, financial management, responsibility, increasing emotional resilience, and more, one step at a time. Tzvika began to return to a more balanced life – emotionally, medically (he lost 30 kg. / 66 lb.!), within the family, and financially.
Tzvika continued to blossom and progress. Very recently, he felt that he was ready to advance further. With Galit’s help, Tzvika left ‘Yisrael Hayom’ and now works in security, netting 3 times (!) what he had earned at his previous job. Tzvika is content and delighted, both for the amazing process he had undergone, and his impressive achievements. We are so proud of Tzvika and thank Galit Mor-Yosef for her professional, humane work, promoting such growth.
We have witnessed Tzvika’s breakthrough from bondage to freedom ❤️.

!Presenting Itai and His Incredible Success

After Itai graduated from high school, he tried to volunteer for national service but was not accepted in several places. He almost gave up. After sitting idly at home for a long time, he was referred to Bayit Cham.
The wonderful, expert Irit, our vocational coach in the southern region, has gone through an amazing process with him… Itai started working at the Rami Levy supermarket. Despite the physical challenges, he learned how to conduct himself in the work world. He acquired tools and skills with lots of appreciation and camaraderie from his co-workers.
Recently, after a year at the job, Itai felt ripe to move forward and actualize his high abilities. So Irit turned to Fattal Hotels who hired Itai with open arms to work in their customer service department ♥ ️ Itai is very excited and is already waiting to find you the best rooms and arrange a perfect vacation for you… ?
Itai, we are so proud of you and excited about your determination and the hard work that brings you to such amazing achievements! ?
Thanks to Irit for the wonderful work as always, and to our dear corporate partners, Rami Levy and Fattal Hotels, who always provide equal opportunity.

Soaring High: Moshe’s Fascinating Story

Moshe, 32, an energetic, intelligent young man, married for about a year, has been working for the past 4 years greeting visitors at Yad Vashem and providing them with initial guidance. He recently started looking for a job in high-tech because he will soon be completing a cyber course which he has been studying for the past 16 months with great success.
Moshe did not always have the easiest life. He claims that in the past, he had no rest neither by day nor by night, depending on the episode of mania or depression that alternated frequently and affected his alertness. Life was neither stable nor possible. To deal with the difficulty, the pain and the frustration, he also drank and smoked substances.
That’s the state he was in when he arrived at Bayit Cham about 7 years ago. Eli, his vocational coach, welcomed him. Moshe was placed at a job as a waiter. He says that Eli gave him the option to do only what he could: “Just show up at work. I will make sure to talk to your boss, arrange flexible hours for you, take care of your salary and everything you need.” And for two years Moshe came, sometimes unfocused and challenged but with a strong determination to work. Eli took care of everything, supported him, encouraged him and ensured his rights vis-à-vis his employer, something that Moshe was unable to do for himself at the time. Moshe shares with appreciation that he once came to a meeting with Eli and “I did not treat him well … A week later I came again and Eli accepted me. Unconditionally.”
At some point, the job with the caterer was over and Moshe took advantage of his energies and started employment at a furniture company that works with 500 offices, in delivery, installation and maintenance of office furniture. During this time, due to Moshe’s personal reasons which Bayit Cham responded to, he switched to a different Bayit Cham coach, Dikla. Dikla assisted Moshe in submitting important bureaucratic applications for his professional future and walked him through the process with the National Insurance Institute’s Rehabilitation Department to obtain funding for his studies.
The big breakthrough, according to Moshe, occurred when he decided 4 years ago to stop drinking and smoking. Moshe decided to take matters into his own hands and became a person who takes better care of himself, notices what he is doing, sets goals for himself and is focused on achieving them. Since then, his career took off and soared. That’s when Moshe landed his current job at Yad Vashem and eventually was accepted to study at HackerU, where he has persistently applied himself for the past year and four months.
Today, Moshe is nearing graduation, preparing for his final exams and has already started looking for a job in high-tech. Moshe says that the support he receives from his current vocational coach, Bracha, helps him focus, go job hunting, gain tools how to conduct himself, prepare for job interviews and more.
Moshe’s message to others in recovery is: “Do only what you can and use what you have. The tendency of people with mental health challenges is always to look at the half-empty glass and the difficulties. You should look at the half-full glass and use it. At the beginning of my journey in rehabilitation, I knew I had a great desire to work and energy and that’s what I used. Bayit Cham helped with everything else … Baruch Hashem for Bayit Cham.”
Moshe also wanted to thank his amazing wife. “She deserves credit for every inch of progress I make.”
You melted our hearts totally?.
You’re a king? !!! ?
Both for the amazing journey and for opening up and sharing it – self-confidence can break through every prejudice and stigma?

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