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Meet Elioz

When we handed a certificate of appreciation to his employer, Ronen Avivi, Elioz thought he deserved one, too – and he was right!

In response, Avrumi Schnek, Elioz’s vocational coach and director of the Tze’adim life coaching center (the general chooses to remain in the field), designed and presented an Outstanding Employee Certificate ❤️🏆 especially for him – not just to be nice, but because Elioz really deserves it!!

He has been working for the Barkol Tov Supermarket chain for many years with great dedication, loyalty and caring. He served in the army as a paratrooper until he had a mental health crisis. Since then, he has been with us, coping courageously and with great humility. Today Elioz manages the canned goods department after having served in various positions within the company and even assisted in the establishment of additional branches.

So he doesn’t deserve an award ceremony?? He certainly deserves it the most‼️

Great job Elioz, keep up the success and continue to move us👏👏👏

And as Avrumi says, in the future we will meet at his wedding😍🤞

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