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Who are we?

Bayit Cham was established in order to provide the best support for people facing mental health challenges. In Israel and throughout the world, many go through difficult periods in their lives or various experiences that lead to mental health issues. The battle that is hard to cope with as it is becomes impossible when the person is struggling on his or her own. As pioneers in the field of mental health rehabilitation in Israel, we operate an especially broad array of services that includes therapeutic and rehabilitation services, guidance and support, vocational training and employment as well as diverse leisure activities for those struggling with mental health challenges and for their families.

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A community that is a home

We not only change prevailing perceptions about mental health struggles - here the entire community is part of the rehabilitation system!

Podcast - Yedid Nefesh I Guidance and advice on mental health issues


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Heroes speak

!Presenting Itai and His Incredible Success
After Itai graduated from high school, he tried to volunteer for national service but was not accepted in several places. He almost gave up. After sitting idly at home for a long time, he was referred to Bayit Cham. The wonderful, expert Irit, our vocational coach in the southern region, has gone through an amazing process with him鈥 Itai started working at the Rami Levy supermarket. Despite the physical challenges, he learned how to conduct himself in the work world. He acquired tools and skills with lots of appreciation and camaraderie from his co-workers.
Soaring High: Moshe鈥檚 Fascinating Story
Moshe, 32, an energetic, intelligent young man, married for about a year, has been working for the past 4 years greeting visitors at Yad Vashem and providing them with initial guidance. He recently started looking for a job in high-tech because he will soon be completing a cyber course which he has been studying for the past 16 months with great success.
!Determination + Perseverance = Success
One of our vocational rehab service recipients, a person with high-functioning autism, worked for about ten years as a security guard. Throughout this long period, he did not give up on his big dream 鈥 to work for a high-tech company in the field in which he acquired professional certification.
The Sky's the Limit
My name is Niv, I'm 23 years old and I live with my parents. I was born with PDD-NOS 鈥 a light case of autism, and without an outer left ear, so I can only hear with my right ear. I have completed three and a half years of full voluntary military service. I served in the elite Duvdevan unit as a cook. I enjoyed every minute of it and the soldiers enjoyed me鈥 I like to cook 鈥 it's therapeutic for me馃槆 Today, with the support and guidance of Bayit Cham, I have been working for half a year at "Eretz Bereshit" as a sous chef - the chef's right-hand man 馃挭 I also feed the goats every morning before I start working in the kitchen 馃槈
!The north is blooming and not just in greenery
Golan Heights resident Matan Gutman is employed through Bayit Cham's supported employment program. Together with his vocational coach, our very own Billie Levy, he is undergoing an amazing career development process! Last week was one of the highlights of his blossoming, promising future when he told his life story to community members at a gathering called "Extraordinary February."

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