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Good Deeds in Shiluvim ❤️

This week, no fewer than 8 National Insurance employees at the Bnei Brak branch came to visit Bayit Cham’s Shiluvim Center in honor of Good Deeds Day.
They chose to come to us (!) from among many organizations to bring joy to our 70 lovely Shiluvim participants.
The women at Shiluvim cope with mental health challenges, but this does not stop them in their rehabilitation process! They are exemplary workers and acquire many tools and skills at Shiluvim to prepare them for life and for the world of work💪. All this, with the help of our professional staff of course.
So there was a delicious chocolate workshop, and a particularly enjoyable napkin folding workshop. It was not clear who was more moved – the workshop facilitators or the participants! (Hint: Doing good feels the best❤️🔝)
Thank you to our National Insurance friends for doing good with fun and excitement and in general – thank you for the fruitful cooperation with us throughout the year, all over Israel!
And you… Did you manage to do some good on Good Deeds Day? If not, here’s an opportunity 😍
With one click and without any effort, you can donate to the benefit of the women at the Shiluvim Center and do good all year long ❤️

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