Warm at Home

We’re feeling the excitement coming our way from Jerusalem ‼️

Our new technology center is soon opening💻📠🤓
The Technology Center is an innovative facility for recycling electronic waste (Getting rid of an old computer? Radio? TV?) that will provide advanced vocational training and a workplace for many of our clients who are interested in a work environment that fits the latest trends in the changing world of work. The center will have a variety of workstations such as component sorting, assembly, repair, product installation, etc., as well as workstations for customer service representatives, administrative assistants, processing orders, and more. Because this center is a training grounds in one of the hottest fields in today’s market, it enables us to break the glass ceiling in the world of work for people with disabilities ❤️
Already last week, an initial meeting was held for the center’s employees who are just about ready to start, together with with Dotan Kebak, CEO of M.A.I. Israel Electronics Recycling Co., and with Katriel Sheinfeld, CEO of Keter Electronic Recycling, who are accompanying the project. Of course, also present were Yossi Rosen, our computer technician, Chaim Sheetrit, the training center’s coordinator, and Bayit Cham’s CEO, Rabbi Arie Munk. It was an important and fascinating meeting that gave everyone a taste for more!
Come on, we are all fired up to get started 🔥🔥🤩

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