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Life Coaches are Fascinated and Pampered at a Training Event

Pampering, pampering, and more pampering… At ‘Tze’adim’ every training event is an indulgent celebration – professionally, spiritually and gastronomically😏

Tze’adim is Bayit Cham’s life coaching center, which has already coached hundreds of men and women since its opening some 3 years ago, helping them bring about change that increased their quality of life and level of personal satisfaction.

The center’s coaches recently gathered for an important professional training session. Our dear Yoel Kaplan, the center’s supervisor, shared his great talent to make their work more precise with values and training cards. Another important presenter was Rabbi Moshe Blau (popularly known as Moishe) – one of the greatest rabbis in the field of education and therapy. Rabbi Blau strengthened the belief that effective coaching is a life changer. He moved the coaches with his admiration for the Tze’adim center, praising their wonderful work.

Why specifically ‘Tze’adim’? Because all staff members are properly registered in the Coaches’ Bureau and the entire coaching processes are supervised. The coaches adhere to a precise model that allows for a short, highly focused process, adapted to cultural sensitivities, and are affordable. And the coaches (who prefer not to be photographed and sit in the other side of the hall) are the most professional, the most amazing ❤️

As per our best tradition, there was also kugel, cholent, meat and lots of camaraderie💙

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