Warm at Home

Freedom for “Dror”❤️

This week the staff of Dror‘s Elad branch (Bayit Cham’s mental health clinic) went out for a team-building day full of positive energy😎

The staff includes psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, administrative workers and more, who are busy assisting clients throughout the year with great professionalism and dedication!!

So they went on a guided tour of the antiquities of Caesarea, combined with sources from the Gemara and the Midrash, with the wonderful guide Moshe Abuaziz! They visited the aqueduct, the Ralli Museums, Rabbi Akiva’s synagogue and more.

Of course, Shira Bar, the clinic’s director, did an outstanding job organizing the entire day, including the indulgent food…🍒🥪

As the sun was setting, Bayit Cham’s CEO Rabbi Munk, and Yisrael Gepner, the director of operations, surprised them and came to offer their appreciation and thanks. It was exciting💙

So after an intense year of hundreds of sessions of CBT, psychodynamic therapy, creative arts therapy, diagnoses and follow-up treatments, training for field workers and interns, ongoing staff training and guidance, they totally deserved to recharge their batteries with energy to carry on with their non-stop giving… We thank you and are proud of you, our dear staff 💛💙❤️

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