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Benafsheinu and the National Insurance Institute’s Exciting, Significant Meeting๐Ÿ’ž

Representatives of NII’s Bnei Brak branch came to us for a day devoted to establishing disability rights for patients receiving care at Bayit Cham’s Benafsheinu treatment centers for survivors of sexual trauma.

NII workers actually set up an office with computer workstations that took 3 hours of work by 2 technicians with equipment including computers, printers, etc.

In addition, three workers โ€“ Elisheva, Liat and Orly โ€“ sat with the patients and helped them through the process from the initial stage of filling out claim forms for recognition of disability to entering them into their computers online. They also offered rehabilitation advice, guidance on the how to appeal in the event that satisfactory disability percentages were not received, and more.

They were attentive, sensitive and wonderful as they serviced 13 (!) people who have been avoiding submitting disability claims for a long time, despite the tremendous need for government recognition and rehabilitation services.

After they were done, they had to work on disassembling the equipment and transporting it back…

The welcome initiative was made with the help of Gitit Cohen, Beit Cham’s program development director, and Ofer Cohen, director of the Bnei Brak National Insurance branch. We thank Ofer and all the employees from National Insurance for their heart-warming, professional work that is not taken for granted and is of great importance to the rehabilitation and treatment processes of our patients.

Moreover, they expressed willingness to do it on a quarterly basis!

It’s good that there are good people in the world ๐Ÿ™โค๏ธ

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