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One of the main aspirations that we come across in every human encounter over the years, is the desire for couplehood – a life of belonging, of family, closeness and love. We believe that despite the difficulties and the complex personal stories, each and every person has the right to live and build a home of peace, brotherhood and friendship. To this end, we established the 'Shalem' program.

Shalem is an encompassing support system to provide guidance in shidduchim for men and women from the ultra-Orthodox sector who are coping with mental health challenges. The program works in both individual and group frameworks, comprised of different stages that focus on preparation for marriage. Parents are an integral part of the process. Preparation includes a developmental process of self-awareness, personal development and guidance towards a healthy relationship, with Hashem's help. The program encompasses all the stages that the couple goes through on the way to establishing a home, starting with personal readiness and ending with the initial stages of a relationship after marriage. Throughout the supportive process, we emphasize the development of personal and interpersonal skills that promote deep self-awareness, a broad understanding of joint life with a marriage partner, addressing the emotional and mental health issues and understanding one's personal desires. This is necessary in order to maximize each person's strengths and abilities and, above all, to maintain healthy relationships for the days and years to come, with G-d's help.

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