Key staff

Rabbi Shmuel Munk
Founder and president of Bayit Cham

Rabbi Munk is infused with great love of humanity and deep faith in every individual's potential to return to function, no matter where they find themselves. Throughout 40 years' experience in the field of recovery from mental illness, he has helped tens of thousands of people and their families, many of whom owe their very lives to his work.

Rabbi Arie Munk
Director of Bayit Cham

Arie Munk has been at the helm of Bayit Cham for past 15 years, leveraging its activities and turning it into the leading empire it is today – the largest mental health service provider in Israel, including vocational rehabilitation and a network of mental health clinics throughout the country.

Dr. Assaf Caspi
Senior medical consultant

Dr. Caspi is a psychiatrist and Senior medical consultant of Bayit Cham Clinics as well as director of ambulatory psychiatry services at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer

Chana Feigenbaum
Treasurer and Head of Bookkeeping Department

Chana is a bookkeeper, certified salary controller, specializing in financial management, non-profit management, and financial statement analysis..

Avi Kannai
Director of Professional Staff, Mental Health Clinics

A clinical psychologist, Mr. Kannai has extensive experience in treating a wide range of mental health challenges, couples therapy and training of therapists, both in the public and private sectors. He holds an MA in Clinical Psychology from Hebrew University and is a lecturer in Psychology and Education at Herzog Academic College.

Menachem Berkowitz
Administrative Director of Mental Health Clinics

Menachem has extensive managerial experience in large organizations, managing personnel and volunteers, building fundraising systems and various attached projects.

Gitit Cohen
Director of the Vocational Rehabilitation Division

Gitit is an LCSW MSW with certification in the specialized field of mental health rehabilitation. With 17 years of experience in various frameworks: hostels, mental health clinics, supported employment and vocational rehabilitation, Gitit has brought forth the division and is continuously developing the service and its quality

Edna Ludmir
Director of the Benafsheinu Treatment Center for Adult Victims of Sexual Trauma

Edna is a LCSW MSW, group facilitator and lecturer on the topic of sexual trauma.