Bayit Cham (registered non-profit) is active for the past 20 years

clients recovering in various vocational rehabilitation programs guided by professional coaches

Mental Health Clinics throughout Israel operated by Bayit Cham

A bit about us…

Bayit Cham’s name represents its essence: a warm place with an open door and heart to help people who struggle with a variety of challenges to their emotional health. This is good news for so many who feel lost and need a loving, strong shoulder to lean on, to offer them support and an attentive ear.
Rabbi Shmuel Munk established Bayit Cham after witnessing the terrible anguish suffered by people with mental health issues. He firmly believed that it was possible, and indeed, his duty, to bring about a revolution in the field of mental health care to improve their lives. The myth that emotional distress is something to be ashamed to speak of, even at the price of breakdown and total collapse, must be shattered!
Since then, Bayit Cham has been a powerful beacon of light, giving voice to those who previously were kept hidden and who were yearning to be heard. Slowly and consistently, with much help from above, the light has penetrated the darkness. Thousands of clients and their families have experienced a personal exodus from the bleakest gloom to light and hope. They were finally able to let go of crippling shame, as they met with Bayit Cham staff who saw their innate Spark of G-d that every human being possesses and who felt shared responsibility for their wellbeing.

-Our vision –

People with mental health challenges and their families will be integrated into society and every wounded soul will find healing.

We believe


that people coping with emotional anguish must be provided with care that meets their specific needs, to empower them to live independent, private, dignified lives to the greatest extent possible, fully expressing their talents and abilities. We believe that they are entitled to equal and active participation in all spheres of society. We believe that their families need knowledge, understanding and support to enable them to cope with and be supportive of their loved ones in ways that are helpful to them.

Establishing rapport and mutual trust with each person who reaches out for help

Providing guidance and support throughout by Bayit Cham's professional staff

Assessing and relating to each person's needs, abilities and personal ambition

Matching individualized therapeutic or vocational program plan to specific needs

Bayit Cham operates a variety of programs that help prevent, treat and rehabilitate, addressing a broad range of needs.


We operate vocational rehabilitation centers that promote the recovery of people with mental health disabilities, enabling then to re-integrate in the community through a structured and customized rehabilitation program. A cadre of dozens of vocational coaches throughout Israel guides 900 rehab clients at jobs in the mainstream workplace.

Community Clinics

We have established seven public clinics nationwide in the cities of Bnei Brak, Jerusalem, Modi'in Illit, Elad, Bet Shemesh, Ashdod and Zichron Yaacov. On staff is a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, diagnosticians and first-rate counselors

Mental Heath Awareness

We hold professional seminars, conferences and awareness-raising events to promote mental health awareness among community leaders, rabbis, therapists and educators, as well as the general public.

Treating Survivors of Sexual Trauma

We opened treatment centers for survivors of sexual trauma from religious backgrounds. The Belibeinu Centers, located in Bnei Brak, Modi'in Illit and Elad, treat children. Men and women ages 18 and above are treated at the Benafsheinu Center in Bnei Brak. The center is staffed by licensed clinical social workers who specialize in the treatment of sexual trauma.

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